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About Geekskool


The GEEKSKOOL program is a 3 month, full time, intensive, coding and training program held in Bangalore. The program is for those who want to make the most of a career in startups.


Students get to choose the language of their choice. Geekskool unleashes the good programmer in them and prepares them for the demanding environment of startups.

Project Based

The program is project based. Participants are encouraged to create open source projects in their areas of interest.


Yes! The program is free for all participants! We make money from companies that hire our students.


Our students are highly self motivated, determined to be best of breed, with high levels of social skills to work well in teams.


Our expert trainers have more than ten years of experience in the software industry. Have contributed to and are involved in the open source software community.

"We have a handful of GeekSkool alumni (nerds) at EverestEngineering. We are impressed by the quality of people we get. They come with solid fundamentals, eagerness to learn, and of course geekiness."
- Ranganathan B, CTO, EverestEngineering

Frequently asked questions

What is required of the students?

Students must reside in Bangalore and must attend Geekskool full time. Must carry their own laptops.

Can I be employed while at Geekskool?

The Geekskool programme is fulltime, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, and can not be done while employed.

When does the next batch start?

We have a rolling admissions policy. Once you are selected, you have to join immediately, and the course duration is 12 weeks from the date you join.

I am not a college graduate. Can I apply?

Sure you can. If you know a programming language and can demonstrate your passion for it, please apply!

Can I join Geekskool while in college?

The Geekskool programme is fulltime, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, and can not be done while in college.

Can I join Geekskool while in college, as an intern?

The Geekskool programme is fulltime, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, and is meant for those who want to take up a job after the program. We do not have any internship programs.

"Geekskool is one of the best learning experiences of my life. You make your own curriculum as you go rather than adhering to a fixed curriculum. There is freedom to make and learn whatever you want. Weekly demos help you to balance between learning and doing. Santosh is a great mentor who keeps nudging you towards challenging projects so that you keep growing with each project."
- Puneet Pahuja, Software Engineer, Google